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Friday, April 19, 2019
  Design and Development of Applications and Systems
 for Broadcast, IP, Wireless, IoT and 3/4G Networks
Multi-Service Networks Pty Ltd awarded NetAlert contract
The Federal Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts has included Multi-Service Networks Pty Ltd in its panel of internet content filter suppliers for the national NetAlert scheme.

S4F Inc. and Multi-Service Networks Pty Ltd form strategic partnership
Multi-Service Networks announces a strategic teaming with S4F Inc, trading as Centipede Networks, a proven developer of internet content filters for home and enterprise markets.

Multi-Service Networks Pty Ltd provides intellectual property, business driven solution development and support services to companies across the communications value chain.

We already provide products and services to Australian Federal Government Departments, Federal Agencies, and to the enterprise and consumer market segments.

Multi-Service Networks Pty Ltd is a technology provider for companies wishing to generate winning products and services developed as a result of the rapidly emerging possibilities brought about by Mobile, Broadcast, new Media and Next Generation Network developments.